T444Z Hints & Tips

Here are some innovative techniques to enrich and enlighten you in hair nurturing and chemical-free hair care.


1. Wash your hair thoroughly to remove all the dirt and other products you may have used lately.

2. Dry your hair completely with a towel until no dampness is left, avoid using a blow dryer (it means leaving your hair for some time until it is dry).

3. Apply T444Z using your fingers to the scalp and massaging it thoroughly to ensure even distribution to the whole head. (NB.Hair grows inside the scalp so applying any cream onto the hair does not help its growth).

Useful Tips

Some styles that put tension on the hairs – tight ponytails, plaits or corn-rows – can cause hair loss.

Vigorous brushing is more likely to damage the hair and make the problem worse.

Only the root of the hair is alive and this gets its oxygen from the blood in the scalp. Wigs and hairpieces will damage hair only if they are too tight.

‘Blow-drying and heated brushes can worsen hair loss’. The reason is that extreme heat damages the proteins in the hairs, making them fragile and liable to break off. Brushing the hair during blow-drying causes more damage. Careless use of heated brushes can even burn the scalp, so that the hair follicles are permanently damaged in that area.

Protein-containing conditioners only temporarily fill in defects on the surface of the hair shaft, making it smoother and thicker.

Hair dyes, perms and hairsprays do not affect thinning hair. Perms and hairsprays can help to disguise the problem.

Dos and Dont’s

Massage scalp regularly to increase circulation and oil secretion

Avoid scratching scalp with finger nails or fine combs

Avoid using tight hair bands, wigs and hair retainers because they damage the hair line.

When using any product make sure you follow the instructions as advised and stick with it for the recommended period.

Avoid unnecessary dyeing or tinting and rough combing

When plaiting, make sure you avoid small and tight plaits